tIng tOng

tIng tOng

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

wanna go to beach

i wanna go to the beach
i don't care if it's decadent
i don't know where my spirit went
but that's alright

i wanna go to the deep
cause there's nowhere i want to be
and nobody i want to see
but that's alright

particles of pain in my brain
i guess there are here to stay
they work their way inside
and i can't hide or even walk away

you can convince the world
that u're some kind of superstar
when an asshole is what u're
but that's alright

waiting, hating the shit life through my way
hating, waiting to make my escape

i wanna go to the beach

i know that i'm no one for u
but that's alright
that's the way for me to learn
learn to accept things which i hate the most

p/s : can't remember where i got this poem..but this poem truly showed what i feel right now

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