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tIng tOng

Saturday, December 31, 2011

me heart u group 12

this is for u guys!
my beloved group 12 ( i thought we don't have our photo group)

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things

hi..i am mr poyo..hahaha
Hengky Khouw (benar kan namanya??hehe)
--> hey2 u!hohoho...thanks for being a good ketua..i mean it yaaa..keTUA..haha..even u always membebel like mak nenek,but then,thank u so much..for always bawak us makan tempat2 mahal..haha..=p..thanks for helping me when i got vertigo @puskesmas..really really thanks!lari2 utk kumpul report..best kan?thanks for always gimme nebeng ke campus n so on...thank u thank u..don't want to say sorry,coz i know u forgive me already..hikss..=p

thomas surya wijaya
my expression : obviously not so good..it's all because of u..hahaha..mr poyo!
--> hey2 mr poyo,selekeh n terok (its okay to call da trias of u,coz u told me u're Mr COOL)..hahaha..hey2..nice chatting with u and deep conversation we did on our last day of obgyn..thanks for chill me up after portfol exam..really2 appreciate it..thanks for being a good friend..n congratz for getting a new hobby..it's not easy for others yaaa..haha

dorthea @thea chaaaannnn

--> thea i love u so much!hehe..u know what,u're such a pretty girl with your own way..be strong girl..remember our jalan2 @living world..eat sushi n watching breaking dawn??such a hard working girl..plz stay the same..okeyh??

this is for you thea..be strong girl..=)

thea n fika
seriously..guling2 ketawa..aigooo

rafika @ fikaaaaa
jaga @ rscm
--> fikaaaaaaaaaa!!!we used to jaga bareng aite?hehe..thanks for everything n sorry 4 many things girl..be strong always..u must be strong now..never give up dear..when u're afraid of the dark,don't forget the light is always there..thanks udah nyasar2 segala untuk ke rumah pasien ku..wuuuuuuuuuuu...hugs

for u my dear fika

--> nothing much to say..just thanks for everything n sorry for many things..all da best for the next module..still remember how u disturb hengky n surya @raden salleh?haha
naughty boy..haha..but i wish fika will upload the video..=p


friendship forever..i love u guys! 
not in the photo..fika (the one who snap the photo..hehe)

all da best for our next module..IPD

p/s : thanks a lot dr Herbert Situmorang SpOG (K) n dr edwin..wish u all the best...=)

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