tIng tOng

tIng tOng

Monday, December 12, 2011

10 things i hate about you..=p

i just watched this movie!such a loser rite?never mind...haha..actually this post is not related with diz movie pong..=p

nice aite?
but then,just nak share kat sini,last week,masa me n my indonesian friends talk about  something we called it love...ohooo..actually not totally about love,but then about perangai seseorang berdasarkan tarikh lahir..dulu aku quite terbaca jugak pasal research dari dr fadzilah kamsah..best jugak tau tentang perangai2 org ni..so,macam dah bleyh tau org nye macam mana n mudah nak ikut rentak or berlari rentak seribu..heh?!hahaha

what a gurl need from u guys! =p

then , my friend ask me,"if you love someone,shud u tell them?" n i said NO..haha..n he asks me WHY??y gurls wants men to do the 1st move?why don't you tell them that u love him n wanna date with him or something like that?why u have to let man to do that first n just talk about him among ur girlfriends?why?y don't u let ur feelings towards him?why?

seriously,i've no idea about that..=p

n then he asks me, y gurls are so complicated..y u say u're okay when u're not?y don't u let ur emotion?y?y u keep on telling u're okay n then ur face don't looks like that?y?

if u're not ready for any commitment,don't u ever date a gurl

n i just said 'u're the one who not knows how to handle women"..but then..deep in my heart,i just feel like,itulah wanita..she always do not know how to express by words but via how she acts, we know that she's not okay..u have to know n learn about that..=) n of course u have to be patience...that's why u have to put commitment on a relationship..so that,if u're not ready for it,so don't u ever date with girls..=)

tu je la kot nak share..haha..yg len2 maleh nak tulis..hua3..then our conversation n debate selesai coz lecturer panggil g dewan kuliah..haha..boleh pulak kan kitorang duk berbahas pasey mende ni..padahal khamis tu nak osce...=p..well...belajar kalo seyes je,mane dapek bos?haha..

so,now,nak pegi tdo..haha..tonite ada keje nak kene settle,so now nak rest..tomorrow i got oncall..plz semangat!semangat!

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